John Kim of Syncis – Giving Professionals a Second Career

John Kim is a co-founder and a leader within the insurance marketing organization known as Syncis. He helped establish the organization in 2009 in order to help people prepare financially for their future. The company sets itself apart from the rest of the organizations in their industry because they don’t ignore the middle level of the income market, and their success isn’t based solely on their sales numbers. Instead, his business is focused on establishing a strong and trusting relationship between the associate and the clients in order to help them understand their financial plans more fully. Although Syncis doesn’t work with the clients directly, their freelance associates are well trained in the field, and for many of them, this is their second career.

The Syncis associates are well versed in the financial world, and they know how to build strong relationships with their clients. Although they are contract workers for the insurance marketing organization, they rely on the Syncis brand in order to make their services known throughout the public. Many of the associates working with the company have not always pursued a career in the realm of financial services. In fact for most of them, building a business through Syncis is their second career in the professional world. The company is known for recruiting and mentoring school teachers, police officers, military veterans, and even professional musicians as they pursue a business in a new industry. Syncis offers hands on programs based on a mentorship system where new associates are paired with more experienced professionals already working in the field.

John Kim, the co-founder of Syncis, is dedicated to serving the needs of clients, and to offering his associates a new career that is both fulfilling and positive. Syncis associates are committed to their clients, and can help them plan for their future.


About John Kim Syncis

John Kim is the current Co-Chairman and Co-Founder of the independent marketing organization known as Syncis. The company is one of the fastest growing organizations in the industry, and it is because they don’t ignore the needs of the middle class like most of their competitors. They work to bring middle-level income families, small businesses, and individuals together with major insurance organizations in order to get them the services they need to protect what they care about most.
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