John Kim of Syncis – Financial Tips for Young Adults

John Kim is the Co-Founder of Syncis, an independent insurance marketing organization that helps make financial solutions more accessible to individuals, families, and small business owners. He entered the financial services industry in 1997 and worked hard for over a decade building a successful sales organization. During that time, he built up a solid client base and mentored several individuals who went on to earn six-figure salaries.

John Kim co-founded Syncis with the goal of creating a business that was focused on establishing a strong relationship with clients and helping them make informed financial decisions. The motto of the organization is “strengthening families with trust and understanding.” Here are a couple of important financial tips for young adults.

As a kid, you most probably heard your parents tell you to have self-control, and as a young adult, you will find that self-control is important if you want to be financially successful. With the power of credit that is so easily available, it is difficult for many to take control of their desire of purchasing things. Once you are able to exercise self-control over your desire of purchasing things on credit, you will find it easier to get your finances in order. Instead of purchasing something on credit, it is better to wait till you have saved the money and purchase it on cash. Paying interest on a pair of shoes or clothes is not a good idea at all. If you are someone who likes to flash you credit card and pay for all your purchases, you might want to look at how much interest you are paying for things by using your credit card. If you do use your credit card, you might want to make sure you pay your balances in full when the bill arrives.

Take Control of Your Financial Future
If you do not know how to manage your money, you will mismanage it. If you don’t know how to manage your own money, you will have no clue when other people mismanage your money. While it is useful to take the advice of financial professionals, you will need to educate yourself on money matters so that no one leads you down the wrong road with money management. Start by learning about the various avenues that are available to secure a secure financial future before you speak to a reliable financial professional.

Keep Track of Your Money
If you want to have a secure financial future, you will need to keep track of where your money goes. Look at your expenses and make sure they don’t exceed your income. If they do, you will have to adjust your spending so that you live within your means. Keeping your expenses low will allow you to save a considerable amount of money over time.

John Kim Syncis pursued a business in the import and sale of auto parts before entering the financial services industry.



About John Kim Syncis

John Kim is the current Co-Chairman and Co-Founder of the independent marketing organization known as Syncis. The company is one of the fastest growing organizations in the industry, and it is because they don’t ignore the needs of the middle class like most of their competitors. They work to bring middle-level income families, small businesses, and individuals together with major insurance organizations in order to get them the services they need to protect what they care about most.
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