John Kim, Co-Chairman of Syncis – Questions To Ask When Purchasing Insurance

John Kim co-founded Syncis in 2009 with the aim of providing financial services to middle-income families and individuals, many of whom were being done a disservice by the existing industry. To do this, the company recruits Associates and mentors them on how to learn the specifics of the various insurance products they offer. This guidance leaves Syncis Associates with the ability to answer in-depth questions about life insurance and related products, which proves exceptionally useful to their clients. If you are considering committing to an insurance policy, you should make it a point to ask all of these questions during the process.

What Is Important To Me?

Before you can start discussing a potential insurance policy you need to understand what you are looking for from the policy. In many cases you will find that providers will be quite flexible in order to meet your needs as a policy holder. However, there are also cases where policies may come with extras that are not relevant to your current situation. Take some time to make a list of everything you think you will need so you have a foundation to build from when searching for a plan.

What Is My Budget?

Your insurance policy will require you to pay a monthly premium to keep it active, so you need to be able to budget for this properly. Understand your current budgetary requirements and how much you can commit to a policy. In some cases, you may need to prioritize between various products, so consider the ones that will be most useful to you and your family. You should also ask about multiple providers so you can get an idea of what you will pay for your intended plan.

How Many Products Can You Offer?

When the time comes to start speaking to insurance agents and brokers it is important that you get an idea of exactly what can be offered to you. Ask agents directly about the amount of companies that they work with, as those who have fairly small pools of associated companies will often not be able to provide you with the number of potential plans you need to make the decision that is best for you. Get a list of the products offered and do independent research on each of the companies to find out about their financial standing and what existing policy holders think about them.

What Happens If…?

The Associates of Syncis, which was co-founded by John Kim Syncis, should be able to provide detailed answers to their clients’ questions. If you have any uncertainties about what might happen with your policy in certain situations you should make it a point to find out.


About John Kim Syncis

John Kim is the current Co-Chairman and Co-Founder of the independent marketing organization known as Syncis. The company is one of the fastest growing organizations in the industry, and it is because they don’t ignore the needs of the middle class like most of their competitors. They work to bring middle-level income families, small businesses, and individuals together with major insurance organizations in order to get them the services they need to protect what they care about most.
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