John Kim of Syncis – What You Need to Know Before Purchasing a Life Insurance Policy

John Kim is the Co-Founder of Syncis, a privately-owned and independent marketing organization. The organization brings together some of the largest insurance and financial service providers in the United States to provide various financial products and services to middle-income individuals, families, and small business owners.

John Kim established Syncis in 2009 in partnership with Les Schlais. However, his experience in the financial services industry goes back to 1997. Here are a couple of things you need to know before purchasing a life insurance policy.

Know What You Need
The first thing you want to do before purchasing a life insurance policy is to speak to an insurance agent and determine what you need. You will need to assess your insurance needs and know what insurance policies are available.

How Much Coverage You Require
You will need to know how much coverage you require. To do this you will have to know how much of the total income in the family you provide. You will also need to determine how your family will pay for expenses in the unfortunate event of your death. The answers to questions like these will help your insurance agent determine how much insurance you will need to buy to cover your financial needs.

Assess Existing Life Insurance Policies
If you have already purchased a life insurance policy in the past, you might want to keep it until you have reviewed your new insurance policy and decide whether you want to keep it or not. Some insurance policies do not necessarily need to be canceled to include other benefits. You might be able to change your existing life insurance policy to include the other benefits you are looking for.

Compare Various Policies
Term insurance and cash value insurance are the two different types of life insurance policies that are available. Term insurances generally have lower premiums for the first few years, and its cash value does not increase in the future. On the other hand, cash value insurances are of different types, such as; variable life insurance, universal life insurance, and whole life insurance. The particular life insurance policy you choose should be based on what you can afford, and on your current and future needs.

Affordable Payments
When choosing a life insurance policy, make sure you will be able to make the premium payments. You will have to consider your current financial status because you will have to make the initial premium and subsequent payments. If the premium rises at a later time, will you still be able to make the payments?

John Kim Syncis and the Associates at Syncis are committed to helping families attain proper financial protection and prepare for the future.


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John Kim of Syncis – Entrepreneurial Endeavors on a Budget

John Kim Syncis is a successful entrepreneur who co-founded Syncis alongside his business partner, Les Schlais. Together, they built Syncis into one of the fastest growing independent marketing organizations in the United States. Like any entrepreneurial endeavor, the two had to stick to a budget and manage finances carefully. If you’re in a similar situation, you might want to…

Turn to Those Close – When possible, turn to those close to you for aid. Provided that you believe in your endeavor, friends and family might be willing to help you get the boost you need to launch. Be professional whenever a friend or family member helps you, though, as doing otherwise can destroy relationships. Fill out paperwork and treat all financial obligations as you would with anyone else.

Safeguard Your Shares – It’s tempting to boost your funds early in your endeavor by giving away shares in exchange for aid, but this can be a big mistake. Many entrepreneurs wish that they had safeguarded their shares until their endeavor was larger, instead of accidentally diluting their assets.

Think About Your Retirement – If you can, pause your endeavor to start saving for retirement. Having even a little put away for retirement can make a big difference later in life, and after you’ve started preparing, you can go right back to your endeavors. The difference is that you’ll return feeling more secure about your future.

The tips listed above are just examples of what you might learn if you speak with a Syncis associate during a pressure-free consultation. John Kim intended the company to offer friendly, easy-to-understand advice, and you’ll get just that during your conversation.

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John Kim of Syncis – Finance Tips for Busy Entrepreneurs

John Kim is a hard-working financial professional who co-founded the independent marketing organization Syncis when he saw a need in the financial industry. The need that compelled him was the lack of organizations that cater to middle-income families. Instead, he saw large financial institutions with little interest in educating and befriending potential clients. Syncis associates change this by offering friendly, useful information in a pressure-free environment.

Trained associates often work with entrepreneurs who lead busy and stressful lives. If you’re one of those entrepreneurs, such an associate might give you tips like those below…

  • Start an Emergency Fund — Would you be prepared if you lost your income for three months? Or if your car broke down tomorrow? If your answer is no, then you likely haven’t started an emergency fund. This should be prioritized over starting a business, as it dictates your personal security. Once you have enough in your emergency savings to live on for three to six months, you’ll be ready to put your money elsewhere and take the risks involved with entrepreneurship. Waiting will also free up your time.
  • Stay Away from Debt — Credit cards and loans sound appealing when you’re starting a new entrepreneurial endeavor, but you need to be sure that your idea is working before you get into debt. This forces you to slow down and wait to see if things work, which can do wonders for reducing stress.

There’s no telling what advice, in particular, you would receive from one of John Kim’s Syncis associates until you schedule a consultation. Each associate provides personal advice based on the specific situation of the client in question.

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John Kim of Syncis – Financial Concepts You Can’t Afford to Misunderstand

John Kim, Co-Chair of Syncis, built his fortune from nothing by applying his understanding of finances. For ten years, he worked with large financial institutions and was doing well for himself. Though that would be enough for many, it wasn’t enough for him, so he broke off on his own and co-founded Syncis. The reason for Mr. Kim’s dissatisfaction was because he felt that large financial institutions often ignore or mistreat their middle-income clients.

When clients speak with Syncis associates, they’re educated in a friendly, comfortable manner about financial basics, and how they can protect their futures. If you’re not up-to-date on financial concepts like those below, meeting with such an associate could greatly benefit your life and those in it.

  • Cash on Cash Return – A cash on cash return refers to the amount you are making on a particular investment in comparison to the money that you have put into that asset. Comparing the cash on cash return of your investments allows you to decide where your money is working for you and where it is not. This tells you when you need to move certain assets elsewhere. For example, if one of your investments has a ten-percent cash on cash return, meaning you earn ten percent of what you put in each year, and another has a two-percent return, the money in your two percent asset could likely earn more through another source.
  • Debt Snowballing – Snowballing debt might sound bad, but it’s actually an effective method to repay your debt. You snowball your debt by first ordering all of your debts according to interest rate, with the highest ones first. The first on your list should be the one with the highest rate, and you’d work on it before the rest. You would drop all payments on other debts to the minimum, but pay as much as you can on the first listed. When it is paid off, you take what you were paying on it and put it toward paying off the second on your list, and so on, until you are out of debt. This can also be done in reverse, paying off the debts with the lowest rates first.
  • Effective Tax Rate – If you understand your effective tax rate, you know what to expect each year when tax season rolls around. It refers to how much you pay on your income taxes each year between both state and federal. Begin by calculating the percentage of your wages that you pay on your federal return, and then do the same for your state. When you add the two numbers, you will receive your effective tax rate.

Generous professionals like Syncis’ John Kim Syncis are slowly making financial information widely available to families of all income levels. If you’re in need of such assistance, reach out to a professional today.

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John Kim of Syncis – Useful Life Insurance Facts

John Kim, a seasoned financial professional, founded Syncis with a like-minded partner because he noticed a void in financial services available to middle-income families. People like Syncis’ John Kim are part of the reason why more and more families are learning about life insurance.

Though more people are becoming educated on life insurance, it’s still a largely misunderstood topic. It is an excellent way of providing a measure of financial security for your family. But even those putting aside part of their paycheck in life insurance every month often do not understand what exactly they’re purchasing, and why. Though there’s much more that you can learn from speaking with a financial professional, below is a collection of useful life insurance facts to boost your knowledge base:

The Premium Isn’t the Only Variable – Though you’ll often hear about finding a good premium – or monthly rate – it isn’t the only thing you should focus on. Every insurance policy comes with a list of considerations, and you should consider each one so that you can grasp the big picture. When John Kim founded Syncis, he had no way of knowing that it would become one of the fastest growing organizations in its field, but as more people learn, the demand for knowledge and financial services continues to grow.

Life Insurance is Affordable – Too many people think that they cannot afford the cost of term life insurance. As a matter of fact, according to one study, as many as eighty percent of those who were asked had misjudged how much it might cost them. The truth is that life insurance is very affordable for many people, depending on the kind of coverage they are interested in. There are policies tailored to most budgets, and if somewhere down the road you decide it is no longer enough, you can purchase additional coverage.

You Always Need Life Insurance – Many parents mistakenly believe that once their children are grown and out on their own in the world, they no longer need to have life insurance. The reality is that life insurance can help you at many different stages of your life. The benefits of having life insurance later in life include helping to pay for final costs, paying estate taxes that your heirs might otherwise have to pay, or even leaving your children with an inheritance.

As John Kim of Syncis knows, some people also think that if they have enough money in savings, they don’t need life insurance. Savings and good investments might provide you with enough money through your retirement years, but according to the National Funeral Directors Association, the average cost of a funeral with a burial is more than seven thousand dollars. Without life insurance, your loved ones may be forced to bear this burden. Syncis associates are there to help families prepare for the future with proper financial protection.

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John Kim of Syncis – Tips for Sales Professionals in the Field

John Kim Syncis is the current Co-Chairman and Co-Founder of Syncis, which is a fully independent marketing organization that is dedicated to serving the financial needs of the middle class. They bring together middle-level income families, small businesses, and individuals with major insurance and financial institutions in order to provide the protective services they desperately need. He believes that everyone should have the right to protect what they care about, no matter the status of their annual income. Most financial organizations ignore the needs of the middle class, but Syncis strives to cater to those needs specifically.

John Kim has been working for Syncis for a number of years, and he is an expert when it comes to the professional world of sales. Syncis associates come from all walks of life, not just careers in finance, which means they can relate to their clients more easily. Here are some great tips for sales professionals looking for success.

The first thing you need to do is understand the service you hope to provide to the customer. The more you know about what you can provide, the easier it will be to sell the product once you’ve come to understand the customer’s needs. This will also make you more confident when describing what you can do for others.

In addition to understanding the service you provide, take your time and build a relationship with your client. This will not only build trust between yourself and the customer, but it will also ensure their business in the future as well. Sales professionals shouldn’t look for any single sale, but a relationship that has the potential for future transactions.

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John Kim of Syncis – Tips for People Trying to Manage Their Time

John Kim is currently serving as the Co-Chairman and Co-Founder of Syncis, which is an independent marketing organization operating in the financial industry. The company was founded in 2009 when the founders decided that the way the financial organization was treating the middle class needed to come to an end. Syncis is devoted to serving the needs of the middle class, and they work with major insurance and financial organizations in order to bring their client the services that they need. People have the right to protect what’s theirs, which is why Syncis helps them do just that.

John Kim of Syncis has been working in the financial industry for a number of years, and he has learned that value of managing his time wisely. The financial industry is a very fast paced environment, which means that managing your time is the only way to be successful. Here are some great tips for people looking to learn how to better manage their time.

The first thing you need to do when trying to manage your time is keep track of what important things you do on a daily basis. You need to get an idea of how much time you spend doing each task through out the day so you can plan out your schedule. This will also help put your daily life in perspective so you can see what things you can cut out completely.

In addition to recording how much time you spend daily on certain tasks, make sure you organize and use a calendar. This is extremely important for time management, and it will help you stay organized and on task.

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